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"This is a music lover's paradise!"
- a fan

Jamey's House of Music is Moving to Pottstown!

Jamey's House of Music is leaving Philadelphia and moving to the charming community of Pottstown, 35 miles to the northwest, at the intersection of routes 422 and 100. Although small in size, Pottstown strongly supports the arts, and boasts a fair number of performing and fine arts organizations and quality restaurants. The borough has opened its arms to us and is supporting our move... from the grassroots level, to the halls of power. We are in the process of moving now, and will begin work on the venue and restaurant in May. We have our first performances scheduled for September, and will host shows only on weekends until we have completed construction of our restaurant kitchen, when we will open daily. Stay tuned for updates!

We need a considerable amout of funding to renovate the building, and are working to generate capital from a number of sources... not the least of which are your generous donations. Thank you for supporting us for these past ten plus years, and thank you now for your generous contributions to our building fund!


We were so happy to discover this gem of a building in the wonderful borough of Pottstown. This building could not be more perfect for our needs. It is in rough shape now, but with a lot of TLC it will shine like a jewel on High Street, right in the center of the downtown historic district! Originally built by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1928, it represented the pride of the order, and was built to stand for hundreds of years. Encompassing four floors including the grand ballroom (and a top floor apartment), which will become the permanent home of Jamey's House of Music, this property was built to entertain up to five hundred of people in high style.

The bones are all in place, but we will need to build a commercial kitchen to serve the restaurant, a control booth for the technical equipment, a sushi bar, and renovate the stage to accommodate modern productions. This will require running utilities from other parts of the building while preserving the historic interior features. Once completed, we will be able to seat 250 or more. We hope to have a liquor license within a year, and feature a delicious menu of fresh, new world cuisine.

We are committed to continuing the quality musical entertainment that we have become known for, and will have the capacity to book higher profile acts in the new venue as well. We hope to become a vital part of Pottstown's effort to cast itself as a mecca for arts and culture. From our perspective, Pottstown will become the next big regional destination for artists, musicians, thespians and those who enjoy the arts in a vibrant and growing community!

We also have a gorgeous 7000 square foot first floor commercial space for lease as well at $0.39/sq ft including all utilitues and AC. Beautiful open space with original details, M/F bathrooms and plumbed for a kitchen!


Your host - Jamey Reilly

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The historical narrative...

Formerly known as the PSALM Salon, Jamey's House of Music is Philadelphia's coolest intimate venue for great music listening and recording.

Host Jamey Reilly invites music lovers to experience the finest in live music from the world over, all in the cozy comfort of home, but with the impeccable production values of a high end professional concert hall... complete with live HD internet broadcasting and 32 track recording.

Bands frequently release "Live at Jamey's" CDs using the high quality tracks recorded at every show, and occasionally stick around to lay down overdubs using our state of the art studio A gear. We also do full on session recording, mixing, mastering, jacket design, and full video production for web or DVD right here.

We are booked about a year in advance with top touring artists who love playing our room. You will be delighted to discover exciting new performers, as well as music legends, and hear them on a stunning, world class sound system in an acoustically balanced space that might be found only in a few of the highest end venues of any size. It is a music lovers dream. We do not advertise, and people only find out about us through their friends... and in ten plus years we have built a sterling world-wide reputation as the place to play in Philadelphia.

There is never a so-so evening here. It is a warm and welcoming place to share in some of the most wonderful eclectic music of every style and genre found anywhere, make new friends, enjoy really good Chinese food (BYO welcome) expertly prepared by hostess and chef, Suyun Reilly, and meet stellar musicians one on one.

It is a completely unique musical enjoyment experience. Lovers of theater, dance, comedy, performance art, and literary readings will also find much to get excited about.

The intimate, air conditioned 60 seat music venue was created by Jamey Reilly in 2003 as the non-profit PSALM Salon, an offshoot of the Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature and Music which became a musical destination for touring artists and music lovers from around the world. On April 1st of 2013, we split the venue off from PSALM and continue to run it privately with the same impeccable values.

New guests always do a double take when they discover this amazing venue tucked into a living room. It's been called many things by reviewers trying to categorize it, including "a house concert on steroids", "the ultimate man-cave", and "the music mansion". But whatever you call it, this is the way music was meant to be experienced. Musicians the world over know us a much sought after "musician's room" and have spread the word... "you just gotta play there!"

Jamey's decades of experience as a musician, professional engineer, record producer and venue manager has given him a keen understanding of what is missing in the way music is typically presented. Our sole purpose is to welcome people into our home and provide them with the kind of gold-key experience that is unavailable just about anywhere else... in a warm and vibrant place completely devoted to the making and enjoying of music. Jamey's House of Music is "the home of legendary sound."

Please check out our online videos and schedule of upcoming shows where you can buy discounted advance reservations to join Jamey, Suyun, top musical artists and well known local radio personalities for unforgettable evenings of music, food and friendship. When you buy advance reservations, your name will be placed on our guest list, so physical tickets are not required.

Don't forget our free monthly BLUES JAM the first Wednesdays of every month from 7 to 10PM, featuring the PHILLY BLUES KINGS with many local players sitting in. Find details on our news page link.


An optional authentic Cantonese home-style (meat or vegetarian) Chinese dinner expertly prepared by Chef Suyun Reilly (owner of China's Heaven-Heaven Restaurant and hostess of Jamey's House of Music) is available at each show from 7:30 onward featuring delicious boxed dinners for the low price of $8.

Typically featured is Suyun's melt-in-your-mouth fried rice, curried potatoes, marinated spiced cucumber, vegetable spring rolls, banana spring rolls, oriental wraps and other gourmet creations that will satisfy your palate.

Chips, soft drinks, hot tea and coffee are available without charge. Remember to come hungry and BYO wine or beer! No dinner reservations are needed, and there are no corking or tipping fees.

Suyun also travels to China to import hand made Chinese artisan wear, jewelry and other items for wholesale and retail that appeal to the ladies in our audience. Her prices are very very low compared to those in Chinatown. In addition, she is a master knitter and offers custom made hats, scarves, shawls and sweaters at bargain prices.

Jamey's House of Music 215-477-7578

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