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This great company boasts a popular core line of ice cold beers on tap as well as numerous seasonal selections, premium Pennsylvania wines, delicious cider, and Pennsylvania spirits for your favorite cocktails.

HAPPY HOUR! Every Thursday 6 - 7pm at the Jazz Jam sponsored by the Lansdowne Business Professional Association, and every Sunday noon to 1 pm at the Blues Brunch.

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Friday, August 12, 2022


“Frazier possesses an attractive tenor voice as a sense of music history and that all comes through on his new single, “Lost In Love,” a slice of soul balladry that has the vibe of 90s Kenny Lattimore or Tony Rich.”
- Soul Tracks.com

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 7pm


Gifted and versatile are two words that best describe singer, songwriter, musician, producer, composer actor & director alvin frazier....

Saturday, August 13, 2022


“No-shit poetic realism with a tendency to museum qualities…”
- Rodney Crowell

“Look for Mike Younger to become a dominant force in contemporary Singer/Songriter music…”
- Kelly Delaney, American Songwriter

“Younger’s voice is authentic and he has something to say”
- Hyperbolium, No Depression

Concert - $15 online advance / $20 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mike Younger left home at the age of 17 and cut his teeth as a fledgling street performer in Toronto and Vancouver....

Friday, August 19, 2022


From the downbeat to the final coda, Dave and the boys keep the party moving at full tilt. One of Jamey's favorites makes a long awaited revisit.

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


IBased in the Central Jersey/Greater Philly area, Dave Orban and the Mojo Gypsies are a high-energy quartet that play a unique blend of danceable, up-tempo blues and old-school R and B, with a touch of soul and a little New Orleans funk....

Saturday, August 20, 2022


As Philadelphia's official Ambassador of Jazz, and a star studded resume as long as your arm, Ella Gahnt represents the greater jazz community with class, dignity, endless talent, humor and joy.

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


I am a vocalist in the jazz/traditional pop style and I am honored to say I perform with some of the most talented musicians in the quad-state area of Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and New York, who have also become some of my closest friends. Together, we tell stories in songs written and made famous by the best songwriters and singers in the world....

Friday, August 26, 2022


Soaring high for over ten years is HMMA nominated and international recording artist, DRIVETIME whose original Jazz sound has become a household item in so many homes.

Featuring Andrew Neu on saxophone

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Soaring high for over ten years is HMMA nominated and international recording artist, DRIVETIME whose original Jazz sound has become a household item in so many homes....

Saturday, August 27, 2022


"Bruce Carroll has a raspy voice, just perfect for rendering his true-to-life lyrics. I heard him sing “Just Like Finding You” in the guerrilla showcase room across from ours and I was hooked. How do you appreciate a lover? Maybe like this: She was like finding calm inside a hurricane / like finding money in the road / like finding God before you go insane / like getting all you were ever owed / It was just like finding you."
- Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live



"Engaging, multi-talented violinist Deni Bonet. Unlike most violinists, she is not nailed to the floor. And she doesn’t shy away from going head-to-head with the guitar player, having fun and breaking an erstwhile-stodgy image of the grand old instrument.”
- Forbes Magazine

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Bruce T Carroll is happy to announce the release of his third album First Bird To Sing!....

Friday, September 2, 2022


Nick Black is a fun, optimistic, and authentic artist from Memphis, TN. Influenced by the feel-good music of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, and the musicality of legacy acts such as Al Green and Sting, Nick has created his music to sound modern and unique, yet familiar and nostalgic.



Matt Walden is a “beach-pop” singer/songwriter from Bradenton, Florida. Writing mainly from his own experiences, he instills the idea of a conscious escape from reality through both his lyrics and music while hoping to inspire the listener to chase their passions/dreams.

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


His stage presence as an entertainer is quite something to behold. Nick pulls the audience in and doesn’t let them go. ...

Saturday, September 3, 2022


The traditional annual festival is celebrated with music, mooncakes and lanterns in mid-autumn. It is a joyous time for Chinese and the whole Asian diaspora around the world.

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Jamey's will celebrate this happy festival of the harvest moon with delicious food and traditional mooncakes, and music presented by Chinese performers on traditional instruments....

Friday, September 9, 2022


From the woods of Northern New Jersey, the Outcrops bring original blues-infused rock’n’roll. The four-piece band was formed in 2016 by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Cassidy Rain & lead guitarist Bryan Schroeder. As a singer, Cassidy has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi but her raw sensibility as front person could as easily bring comparisons to blues legends like Howlin Wolf or Muddy Waters.

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


From the woods of Northern New Jersey, The Outcrops present original blues-infused rock’n’roll....

Saturday, September 10, 2022


“One of the many attributes that oozes from those amazing vocal chords of Ms Henry is soul. Passionate soul, like only few singers can produce.”
— Garry Goldsmith, Blues Highway

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


The New Jersey songwriter might have started out banging on doors, braving New York's blues clubs, playing piano until her fingers bled, and winning over the city one show at a time. But lately, the multi-instrumentalist has raced through career milestones at a rocket pace. ...

Friday, September 16, 2022


Karen Albano/ Modern Rock Review (USA) describes “Harper is an original, playing the harmonica like an authentic Chicago bluesman, singing about unity and love like a member of peacenik jam band, belting crisp vocals like a straight-up superb classic soul performer, and then pioneering the didgeridoo into these popular forms of modern music. Unique and quality music of this kind is truly a rare treat”.

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


An amalgamation of roots, blues and world music, award winning Australian singer/ songwriter "Peter D. Harper" creates a heady mix of roots music through his creative use of the harmonica, and the haunting drone of the didgeridoo....

Friday, September 23, 2022


Liz Cerenpaya and Peter Dalton Ronstadt are returning to Jamey's with brother Michael to raise the roof with that famous Ronstadt sound



If intelligent,emotionally stirring songwriting backed by lush instrumentation gets you in the feels, these old friends of Jamey's are calling your name

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


She's Liz, he's Pete, they are Liz & Pete. Liz Cerepanya and Peter Dalton Ronstadt join musical forces to explore material old and new....

Saturday, September 24, 2022


John Colgan Davis and Johnny Never. Two true blue bluesmen and masters of old timey acoustic country blues

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Two masters of Delta and Piedmont blues stylings bring to life the music of Sonny Terry and Brownie MaGhee, Big Bill Broonzy, Skip James, Robert Johnson, Son House and others as well as in-genre originals....

Friday, September 30, 2022


A return engagement for this eclectic and talented group that puts popular music through the jazz grinder and comes out with some pretty cool stuff

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Far Trio brings together Eamon’s soul-filled vocals and bass, Drew’s guitar journeys and Ethan’s worldly grooves as a musical team that has been performing around NYC and Buffalo for the past 5 years....

Saturday, October 1, 2022


Neil McGettigan is a singer/songwriter from Ardmore, PA. After years of performing and writing with Redhead Betty Takeout, Neil, along with his band, The Eleventh Hour, released their debut album in December of 2021. Their music has a retro power pop feel that runs from high-energy songs of desire to deep reflections of love.

Concert - $20 online advance / $25 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Neil got his first taste of being on stage when he was in his high school's production of Grease....

Friday, October 7, 2022


The quintessential world famous blues-rock band from the mid sixties is back at Jamey's!

Concert - $40 online advance / $50 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Original members, Steve Katz and Roy Blumenfeld have ressurected the old band with some great new members, and are coming out of the studio after tracking the first new Blues Project album in more than 50 years!...

Saturday, October 8, 2022


Blues and beyond from the northcountry

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Durham County Poets are a “band” in the truest sense of the word!...

Friday, OCTOBER 14, 2022


"An A-List guitar player...one of the most technically dazzling players around today."
- Guitar Magazine

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


"What else can we say about Paul Nelson except...Chops Deluxe." - Guitar World Magazine...

Saturday, October 15, 2022


Jimmy Pritchard is one of our favorite guys, with a voice that rivals a 21 gun salute and a heart of gold. Jimmy and the boys are coming back to Jamey's to rock you 'til you drop!

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


From the moment he caught B.B. King on an episode of Sanford and Son at the age of 11, the Delaware native knew the Blues was something special....

Friday, October 21, 2022


Philadelphia favorite, Jill Salkin, sings jazz, blues and popular tunes with infectious joy and reverance for the traditions... and as a teacher, she loves to share the history and milieu they emerged from.

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Jill Salkin is a Philadelphia based singer and songwriter....

Saturday, October 22, 2022


Put and old rock and roll soul into the lithe young body and beautiful heart of someone like Erin Coburn, and you will see a miracle born. 5 big stars from all of us at Jamey's.

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Cincinnati native and perpetual misfit, Erin Coburn is known for her prolific songwriting and modern approach to American Rock and Roll....

Friday, October 28, 2022


Philadelphia's grand lady of jazz always gets things moving at Jamey's. This beautiful lady has the heart to back up that endless voice. A crowd favorite!

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Artists aren’t made, they are born; born with an innate sense of wonder and a unique perspective of the world. Denise King is no exception. Always having a love of music, it wasn’t until the age of thirteen that she was introduced to Jazz by an uncle, Herbert Tatum, who had an extensive collection of Jazz LPs....

Saturday, October 29, 2022


Philadelphia's oldest and best loved blues band brings the magic back to Jamey's

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


In 1985, five young, local musicians got together and began playing old blues songs in a rambling three-story house in Philadelphia....

Friday, November 4, 2022


Roger Girke is a consumate bluesman. Maybe the best on the east coast - armed with a crooner's voice, guitar sliger's licks, boyish good looks and easy smile - he can own a room without even trying. Always happy to welcome this man back to Jamey's

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Roger Girke is a road tested guitarist, singer and writer with a career including over 4,800 live shows, concerts and festivals and numerous recording sessions and releases....

Saturday, November 5, 2022


Deb is one soulful mama. Probably the best known blueswoman in Philadelphia, she can sing the phonebook and make it sound good. Easily mistaken for Bonnie Raitt or Susan Tedeschi, Deb Callahan is a star in her own right - and her band is a well oiled machine, second to none.

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Philly’s blues-soul artist Deb Callahan and her band recently celebrated 20 years of performing, touring, recording and entertaining music fans both regionally and around the United States....

Friday, November 11, 2022


Ken Ulansey and Phyllis Chapell are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Their easy smiles and warm personalities belie the fact that they are two of the most gifted musical performers alive. It is the wise person who makes every effort to see them perform together - because sparks fly and magic happens.

Concert - $25 online advance / $30 door
Kitchen - 6pm, Showtime - 8pm


Ken Ulansey and Phyllis Chapell have been blending their instruments and voices together for over 15 years, recording in each others many projects, mixing influences, and broadening each others musical outlooks....

Every Sunday!


Hosted by the Philly Blues Kings

No Cover Charge!
12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. PPV is not available.

Blues lovers and players have made Jamey's their home away from home, and know that this is the best place to come for some really good and inexpensive eats, ales on tap from Crooked Eye Brewery, fresh ground coffee and espresso, great music, and friendly people. The vibe is home-like and cool, and the sound is out of this world. Jamey's provides a full...

Every Thursday!


Featuring the DAVE REITER TRIO

August 4 Guest Singer Night with LORRAINE BARRETT

Lorraine Barrett is a veteran singer of swing jazz who has performed on stages from Broadway to theaters and cabarets across the country. She has an infectious presence and gets audiences on their feet and singing along.

$10 Cover Charge at the Door
6:00 pm Kitchen/Bar (LBPA Happy Hour) - 7:00 pm Guest Singer Performance - Jam 8:00 to 10:00 pm. PPV is not available.

Jamey's is proud to be the newest home base for the Philadelphia region's world class jazz community. We welcome players and lovers of all things jazz to come and hang your hat and enjoy an evening of outstanding live music in our cool and classy listening room and restaurant. We feature a full professional...


"BY FAR the best live music venue on the East Coast"

"No kidding - Jamey's House of Music just might be the best music venue on the planet. If you enjoy live music and fine dining - go there now!"

"...the coolest venue in the universe..."

"Best. Venue. Ever."

"It's like being inside a bubble of pure sound."

"I could feel the bass in my heart. It was awesome."

"We just bought a house in Lansdowne to be closer to Jamey's"

"For musicians, this venue is heaven on earth!"

"Truly the very coolest venue for live music ANYWHERE"

The Lightyears: "Jamey’s House of Music is in our top 3 all time venues to play along side The 02 Arena & Marquee Club, London"

"...If you've never been to Jamey's - it's like you died and went to heaven, the venue is state-of-the-art and puts other music venues to shame, the food, craft ales and wine menus are incredible and the staff and crew are all amazing. AND - if (for some sad reason) you can't get there - Jamey's live-stream their concerts ..the legendary Jamey Reilly, emperor of the hippest music venue in the multiverse..."

"We can't wait until you have your venue up and running again!! It's recognized as one of the top small venues in the region, if not in the entire country!!"
- Black Oak Artists

"Home. It's doesn't get any warmer than being in Jamey's House!"

"We've played every kind of venue imaginable on several world tours, and I have to tell you that this is probably the best venue we have ever played. It's simply brilliant. Thank you for everything done to perfection."

"What an amazing room! A friend asked me today what I thought of the room and without hesitation I said it was in the top five I’ve ever done. It was more than just the great sound, stage and set up. It was clear to me that there was such respect for the musician from the moment I walked in."

"Jamey Reilly couldn't possibly have created a finer oasis for musicians to perform. It's really a gem. SERIOUSLY! Everybody try and get a date there!!! (Just leave some room for us because we're definitely going back!!!)"

"Amazing! A hidden, intimate live music venue with impeccable sound. Sat at long tables next to total strangers and it felt like being with family. Delicious food (and great craft beer the night I was there). It’s rare to find a venue owner who cares this passionately about the music! Two big thumbs up."

"Last night we debuted at Jamey Reilly’s Jamey’s House of Music. Jamey has outdone himself. He has an incredible backline, and the sound, which he engineers is exquisite. Working with Jamey helps make performing seamless. He knows what he is doing and is an excellent communicator. He is also a musician, which helps a great deal (the man has ears). The food at this venue is incredible. The flavor-I can’t begin to find the words to express how excellent it is. If you have not been to Jamey’s House of Music, get down there, catch a show. Get there early and enjoy the amazing cuisine. It will blow your mind."

"This small room is by far the best sounding music venue I've ever experienced. It's a truly exceptional labor of love..."

"Not enough room here to tell you how fabulous this venue is—music, people, food, on-tap beer, and staff are all top drawer! Prices are fantastic! The photos are shrimp over grits and a fabulous vegan burger with vegan bacon!"

"THE place to Jam!!! Jamey is the man, the myth, the legend. Great equipment & exceptional drum set."

"Jamey's is the BEST. People who never heard of the band will show up to listen, because they KNOW Jamey books the official bands, has the great food, great sound, great atmosphere...and now great craft beer. WORLD CLASS JOINT, yo!"

"I tell everyone about Jamey and Jamey's House of Music. Everyone in Nashville knows about this place. I play some of the best rooms in the world, like the Bluebird, Douglas Corner, Third and Lindsley, places with great sound systems, and nothing beats the sound in this room. ...This is my favorite place to play in the whole world."

"The sound is absolutely perfect. I could hear every note of every instrument. Just incredible."

"Great pro sound, fantastic food, great beer and an owner that is a super nice human!!!"

"Congratulations to the incredible Jamey Reilly for spending this (COVID shutdown) time improving facilities at the already fabulous Jamey's House of Music, the best music venue in the Philadelphia area."

I'm a "venue snob" and this place is AWESOME ! Cozy, intimate, acoustically A+, comfy seating, bathroom is spotless, people are warm & friendly ... can't wait to return !

"... a dream performance space. Perfect acoustics, top quality production values, a visually lovely setting, and an overall aesthetic ambience that, like a tea ceremony, lifts every gesture to it's highest level. It's perfection, both for the audience and the performers."

"Intimate music venue with great artists. Offers several craft beers on tap— a full bar bar with Pennsylvania spirits and cider is soon to come. The excellent food and friendly service are an added delight. Highly recommend Jamey’s for an enjoyable evening of music and dinner at a reasonable price. Also very gluten friendly."

"And a special thanks to Jamey Reilly for his hospitality and for providing what is surely one of the greatest listening rooms in the country!"

"Totally going again soon! A++++++!!!"

"I can't even explain how delicious everything was."

"One word. ..incredible!"

"Awesome food..."

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