Music inspires in many ways, primarily through sound - but also visually through the medium of the visual arts.

In order to honor the fullness of music's impact on our lives, we have added gallery space at our venue to display the artistic creations of those who devote themselves to music through painting and photography.

The exhibits not only extend the palette of the artists, who in most cases are also musicians, but allow our guests at our musical events to experience a fuller sensory impression of the all encompassing beauty inspired by music during our normal hours from Thursdays through Sundays.

The Little Gallery mounts rolling monthly non-exclusive exhibitions of anywhere from 6 to 40 works and hosts an opening night for the artist typically at the earliest Thursday Jazz At Jamey's night from 6 to 8pm, featuring live jazz by the Dave Reiter Trio and guest musicians from 8 to 10pm. There is no charge for admission. Our kitchen is open with a full dinner menu selection, and our Conshohocken Brewing Co bar is open as well, with happy hour food and drink discounts from 6 to 7pm. Artists are encouraged to put out press releases, advertise on social media and send invitations to patrons, art writers, bloggers and critics, and the mainstream press as well as the general public.

Potential exbibiting artists are pleased to note that the Little Gallery at JHOM only takes a 30% commission on sales. Submissions may be made by email to jamey@jameyshouseofmusic and include the number of pieces and sizes, exhibition title, type of media included, sample images, and artist bio including past shows. Submitted pieces must be no more than 60 lbs for large examples, framed, with picture wire mounting, attribution wall cards which we affix with removable foam tape, and an artist bio with headshot and description of the exhbit dry mounted on foamcore and a full manifest with pricing. Artists must assist during hanging. JHOM will settle all sales at the conclusion of the exhibit.

June Exhibitor

My Sight Line… Beauty

Speaking to the world through my imagery shows
many facets of my
personality; being an illustrative lifestyle-portrait
(and videographer) for so many years has certainly
put a wide gamut of
people in front of my lens.

Over these decades of shooting people appearing in
ads, billboards, posters,
books, and album jackets worldwide has brought me
great fulfillment.
The transitions between shooting beauty, life-style,
and illustrative
portraiture were seamless for me. I never looked back
and was always able
to change hats; within the industry I fought to remain
true to my vision of
covering many specialties.
Forever remaining the figurativist, I would always
incorporate that state of
mind into my work- it’s all about the viewer’s
response my images.
These moments are valuable to my purpose.
With figuratism, viewers often imagine themselves
in my photographs,
which is how most opportunities come to me. After
these many years, and
now being in my 70’s, my selectivity has brought me
to a maturity in my
vision and execution: each assignment is treated as a
passion project.

Tom DeLorenzo