We are famous for our "Fine Dining on a Paper Plate" style of service. By eliminating the fine china, glassware and silverware, and the need for expensive dishwashing equipment and a dish washer and busboy, and instituting self service for water, napkins and plastic tableware, we are able to spend more money on top quality fresh ingredients, where it counts, to keep our prices bare to the bone. We save you a bundle while providing mouth watering cuisine that gets rave reviews!

Our kitchen is open from 6 pm to 9:30 pm on show nights, and offers a delicious and modestly priced Asian inspired American fare cafe menu, served on chinet plates, with plenty of vegetarian options along with yummy desserts, fresh brewed coffees from Green Street Coffee Roasters, assorted espressos, and cold drinks.

Crooked Eye Brewery now has a location right inside Jamey's house of Music! Like many craft breweries, Paul and Jeff Mulherin and brother in law Paul Hogan began cooking up in their garage in 2014, and now run a full fledged brewery based in Hatboro PA. Many of the musicians who perform at both of our establishments felt that we were just made to work together, made the introduction, and the rest is hoppy history! Running a seven barrel system, the team produces at least 11 different brews, and several specials. As Paul Mulherin says, "It's good for what ales you!" The guys are working on a new ale just for Jamey's! This year will bring a beautiful new bar which will allow us to serve not only the selctions on tap, but hard ciders and Pennsylvania wines and spirits!

We are pleased to be able to offer world famous Impossible Burgers on our menu now. This is an entirely plant based meat product created from soy and potato pretein, with a special heme molecule which gives it that authentic meat taste that meat eaters love - while having a negligible impact on the environment. Plus, they taste awesome with our secret Asian BBQ sauce and all the trimmings! Vegetarians rejoice!

Food is available before and during performances for concert ticket holders (purchased online or at the door). No additional reservation is needed. We do not offer dinner service separate from concert attendance. Sunday Brunch and Thursday Jazz Jam is on a walk-in basis with no reservations needed.